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    Save time & money
    A restaurant in Bristol were looking for a Sous Chef. The Chef who applied through an agency would have cost the restaurant £650 in recruitment fees. The same Chef was on Textchef. The Kitchen Manager downloaded the App, registered and located the same Chef via our Google Mapping on TextChef for £19.99 and shaved 6 days off the recruitment process. This restaurant also benefited from searching for more Chefs and staff as they had unlimited searches for 1 month (£19.99)
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    TextChef is not an Agency!
    We are an App
    We are not a Job Agency or Job Board. We are an App using Google Mapping Services to locate registered Hospitality staff within your establishment’s geographical area.
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    Register for free
    'Live' database
    Text Chef is seen as satisfying client needs sometimes in extraordinary and rapid circumstances. If you feel spending budgets on traditional recruitment services and not getting the return on investment you require and deserve then Text Chef can be a cost effective alternative.
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    How it works
    You find staff!
    The App specialises in providing Chef & Front of House search, selection & recruitment services to establishments working in the hospitality industry covering the service areas of hotels, bars and restaurants that employ Back of House & Front of House personnel.
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    Are you looking for work?
    Be seen!
    If you're looking for a new career or new job within Hospitality then TextChef is the simple and effective solution in acquiring a new role.
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    Google Mapping
    Find staff via Map
    After you register, Google Maps locates registered staff within a 30 miles radius of your business
TextChef App available for iPhone & Android devices 
If you're a Hospitality Business.....

  • Download our App
  • Register for free and enter your details
  • For you guys it's only £19.99 a month to have unlimited search and to contact registered Hospitality Staff within a 30 mile radius of your business

If you're looking for Hospitality work.....

  • Download our App
  • Register for free and upload your CV
  • For you guys it's totally free to use our App
  • Be seen by 1000's of Hospitality businesses looking for you !

       Remember, our database is 'Live' and updated every minute
Contact us, we'd love to hear from you
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